get this zine on paper / printing

On this page you can download the files for the zine grouped in sections from 1 to 8, where 8 is only the index with all the pictures we used, copyrights and edition notice. Also we want to show you which settings worked for us – please keep in mind that every printer works differently so you might have to do some test runs first. 

Here is a list of types of paper we used for printing this zine:
_matte white paper, 120g/m2 (for sections1 to 7)
_sandgrey recycling-paper, 100g/m2 (for section 8, index)
_typewriter paper, 030 g/m² (1 sheet 
for the  “inlay” in section 5)


Two ways this zine can be printed.

01 _ Automatic duplex-print (both sides)
If your printer does support this setting you can for sure go with this option. The printer we used can do duplex, but not when printing borderless. This means that you will have white borders around every page. You can cut those off or leave them, which we wouldn’t quiet recommend – one is a lot of work and the other one just doesn’t look very nice.

02 _ Do it manually
For this way you’re printer does not need to support duplex printing, but you need to figure out how to load the paper correctly. As said, this is the way we did it and the following worked for us (screenshots below; click to enlarge). first we printed the back sides only and checked the “reserve pages” option. Once all 4 pages are finished and dry you can load them again in the cassette / paper tray. In our case we needed to load the paper facing upwards with the left upper corner being on the right bottom.

There is one file called “sharing_is_scary_zine_section_03_inlay”, which has to be printed separately on a sheet of DIN A5 paper (Of course you can cut a sheet of DIN A4 paper in half; just keep in mind the grain direction). On the image you can see what this file is for. We printed it with automatic duplex setting, because you have to cut it anyways.

files for printing

First things first: all files are for personal and non-commercial use only copyright © 2018 by lena matrosova and caro tolkemit. all rights reserved. please respect the rights of our contributors. no part of this publication may be reproduced without permission.
The file is password protected. If you want to print this zine, please write us a quick e-mail to – we will get the password to you as soon as possible. Thanks for understanding.


Download starts automatically

Files divided in 8 sections:

One PDF file with all 128 pages: