section by section / folding

After you printed the zine, it’s time to fold each section. We will show you how to put everything together if you want to bind it section by section afterwards. If you rather print the whole thing and bind it as “one” just fold every page and put them together. 

Please make sure your tools are clean, otherwise you will get some „creative“ effects on your pages. Just go ahead and fold each page carefully using a folding bone (or whatever tool you’re using). 

If you get confused which page goes where in the process just have a look at the gif images below.



section #01


section #02


section #03

Section 3 has an “inlay” in the middle which is framed by the page “around” it. It should be folded like so:


section #04


section #05

Section 5 has an “inlay” in the middle, you can fold it however you want or just not at all, but here is how we did it. It should fit the image below, so just be creative.


section #06


section #07


section #08  // index