kill your darlings / editing

After we sorted out, we’ve been kind of scared how to edit this amount of different works. There are a lot of ways to work with such a great amount of material. We didn’t want to create a straightforward narrative – where you start from the beginning and make your way through – but rather leave it open to the possibility to „pick up“ everywhere. Our edit works more on a associative / graphic level. So if you feel creative you can just print a few pictures or print only one sequence of them. Feel free to create your own zine by printing any parts you like.

Basics tips for edit / layout

_ Before starting a project yourself, it’s very helpful to have a look inside a lot of different photobooks and trying to figure out what works well there and why. Take some pictures of layouts you like
_ Gather a pool of photographs working well together – this can be by topic, structure or just intuition
_ print every single image and put them on a table/floor etc. (draft is enough; size should depend on the amount of photos and the space you have)
_ Now you can start to arrange them in a way that suits your project. Ask yourself what kind of story you want to tell? What kind of emotion or reaction you want from your recipient? Is it for a specific group of people? And so on… Some when you should also roughly decide on a layout you want to use.
_ Depending on the way you want to bind it later on you may also want to keep in mind where one section starts and ends. In case you plan on stapling it, keep track of the number of pages – it shouldn’t be to many because otherwise the clip won’t hold it together properly.
_ If you’re satisfied open the program of your choice and start to layout the pages. Set the print space you want for every page and then try to keep in it. Sometimes two or three variations might be already enough. Don’t go to crazy.
_ Print a quick draft of your work and swipe trough it – maybe get opinions if it works as you planned.
_ It may take a while until you get the the hang of it. So just keep going and have fun experimenting.