putting the sheets together / binding

Now you can finally bind your zine! And as with everything else, feel free to be creative – you can choose the way of binding.
We don’t want to influence you so much on this, so we only have a few pictures for you how we sewed it together. 

On our about project page you can find more photos of the sharing is scary zine.

You have your own zine done! Please let us know about any difficulties you may had or any other suggestions, so we can improve our work.

We are excited about your version of the zine, so show us your results – just send us a quick e-mail with some pictures. To the artists that shared their archive photos with us: Thanks so much again for making this possible. We hope you like what we did with them and we wish you lot of fun with the zine!


Further reading / info

video_coptic stitch
video_kettle stitch
pdf_binding with hardcover
book_vom blatt zum blättern (german language, EUR 50)


The quick way with out all the “inlays” and sections would be to print it as one and just use a rubber band to hold it together.