a thought on the matter

What makes the gap between a good body of work and these photos that you wouldn’t publish. Might there even be a possibility that one photo can support another? Maybe there is some element in the photo that actually another recipient likes and by highlighting this element, makes something completely different / something worth publishing after all out of it?

For this project we were looking for never published material from photographic archives. Our goal is to show that every image has the potential to be something great in the right context. This project deals with the subjective/objective rating of one’s own image. What is a bad/ugly photo and can there be another perception of it in a context that wasn’t anticipated by the photographer? Furthermore we are exploring if “classic” rules of composition always play a role when it comes to a positive rating or is there something else to it.

We’re thinking about publishing the sharing is scary zine “for real” as a hard copy. If you don’t want to go through the trouble of printing and binding it on your own, please send us an e-mail (neverpublished01@gmail.com). This is a pre-order, we keep you updated on the status.
We’re also planning a second issue, so if you like what we do and want to be a part of it, please feel free to send us a e-mail (neverpublished01@gmail.com) and we will get back to you with more info.





people behind this project

Lena – lenamatrosova.com@lena.mtrsv
Caro – www.carotolkemit.de

contributing artist

Abbyll (Selda Koe) @_abbyll | web
Boria Anastasia @borianastasia | fb
Bianca Verwohlt @bianca.verwohlt
Daniel Paschen
Dasha Shelyakina  @dasha_shelyakina
Dorothee Lang  @lifeasjourney | web
Florian Genz @florian_genz
Guido Muermann web
Jonas Milk @milk_jooo
Kersten Glaser @kerstenglaser | web
Kira Dohrenkamp
Max Slobodda  @sloboddaphoto | web
Nick Tarasov @nicktarasov
Oleg Savunov @somthing_happened
Omar Caboara @o.caboara | web
Polina Korovina @polypixa
Simon Gerlinger @simon_gerlinger | web
Simon Salzig  @_mischkonsum
Sophia Weber @_sophiaweb
Stefan Mensching
Stefanie Stabno web
Sveta Matrosova @princesssveta_jpg | web
Wolfgang Zurborn web